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Technology startups, corporations and venture capital in North America and Asia are finding increasing reasons for cross-border business and investment. Startups Greater Asia (SGA) gives you a head start on finding relevant resources and business opportunities.

We partner with accelerators, incubators, startups, and corporations throughout Asia and North America to give you better information through (see our blog and curated Asian technology news aggregator site Asia Venturepedia), community events, and consulting services.

Our operations team, Greater Asia Executive Network and Greater Asia Entrepreneur Network bring a wealth of experience and connections. We are multilingual and come from diverse backgrounds, have found and led startups to acquisition, have worked across Asia, Canada and the United States, and have excelled in a wide-range of roles for both startups and larger corporations, from Business Development to Operations, Marketing, Product Design, Legal, and Strategy.


Whether you are an investor, corporate executive, or startup in Asia or North America, Startups Greater Asia can help:


Connect with qualified partners, investors, and advisors

Gain Knowledge

Stay informed of relevant opportunities in your vertical or region

Get Help

Access legal, marketing and other key services

Find Opportunities

Gain an advantage with SGA’s network of experienced investors, cross border entrepreneurs, and executives.

Access Business Intelligence

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