Did you know that US mobile speeds are slower than that of Kenya and ranked 28th in the world behind UK, Taiwan, Indonesia, Greece? Though the media has been increasing its coverage of the potential impact of Chinese consumer habits on the internet, many infrastructural investments (both tech and non-tech) that Chinese and other Asian nations are making now may be what sets apart these nations’ standard of living from that of the West in coming decades.

For example, Asia-Pacific hotels are rated above the global average for energy and resources efficiency. Asian nations are also aggressively tackling cyber security threats with Singapore announcing a cyber security unit of 2,600 experts to be built over the next 10 years and Honeywell is investing in a cyber security innovation center for Asia-Pacific to be located in Singapore. Alibaba is further expanding IT infrastructure with the launch of new cloud data centers in India and Indonesia. Even in the consumer mobile market, top investors (i.e., A16Z) observe a reversal of Chinese copycats as US companies (early- and late-stage) are more frequently taking from Chinese tech companies’ playbooks.

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