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Hot for SE Asia from VCs, Retail to Transportation

For our latest weekly highlights on the Asia-US tech landscape, we took a closer look at South East Asia and those of you who are fans of Age of Empires (or other games of conquest) will love watching how this scene unfolds! 1. Asia hasn’t slowed down in...

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US-Asia Emerging Tech — June 12, 2017

Did you know that US mobile speeds are slower than that of Kenya and ranked 28th in the world behind UK, Taiwan, Indonesia, Greece? Though the media has been increasing its coverage of the potential impact of Chinese consumer habits on the internet, many...

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US-Asia Emerging Tech — June 5, 2017

As startups in Asia continue to mature, limited exit opportunities in Asia are pushing the most valued startups to look to the US market. VNG, a gaming startup from Vietnam valued $1.7B, and Garena, Singapore’s version of Tencent, which signed Goldman earlier to lead...

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US-Asia Emerging Tech — May 28, 2017

On a weekly basis, we update our community on interesting events in the Bay Area related to cross-border emerging tech. We also share news in this segment we call “If You Don’t Know, You Should”. Don’t miss an update by following our Medium publication and subscribing...

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